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Real Organic Food Production

Global Warming. Health Problems. Obesity. Mental Ilness.
Rising Food Prices. Food Shortages. Declining Food Quality

All these problems can be solved with one simple solution. Grow your own food in your own backyard. That’s the number one reason why Jonathan and I teamed up to produce Food4Wealth. We wanted to create an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand, step-by-step manual for people who have never grown food before.

I met Jonathan through a mutual friend and we got talking about issues such as food quality and its effect on health. My interest is in how the food we eat affects our mental health and can actually do more harm to our body than provide it with the nutrients we need. I had done a lot of reading and research about health and food and how the food that is grown today has fewer nutrients than generations ago. I explained to Jonathan my concerns and asked him how we can educate the world and effect a change on commercial agricultural practices.

Jonathan then told me how each person can take control and grow their own food which can provide the highest quality vegetables with the most nutrients. I told him how I thought vegetable gardening was hard, takes a lot of time and effort and is unreliable. Jonathan explained to me that this was a complete misconception because many people work against Mother Nature and try to control the process too much. He then explained his ecological gardening method where he spends just a few hours a year looking after his garden and grows all the vegetables he needs.

He told me he doesn't dig in his garden, doesn't weed it and never worries about pests. He never needs to use any chemicals or pesticides.

I then visited Jonathan and saw his garden for myself. It was the most packed garden of food I have ever seen. It didn’t look like a vegetable garden of rows and rows of veggies. It looked like a little forest.

After an afternoon of discussion we decided the best action to bring attention to people was to put Jonathan's ideas and methods into a product that would enable and empower people. We wanted to produce a product that would appeal and attract a wider audience than just experienced gardeners or those concerned about health. We wanted to reach everyday people. So we came up with the name Food4Wealth to appeal to people as a way of saving a lot of money on their food bill.

The problem we identified with people making positive changes to care for the environment is that they generally won’t take action if it affects their lifestyle or costs them too much money. We wanted to make a clear statement that you can do something positive for the environment and for yourself without spending a lot of time, effort or money. In fact, you can actually save money.

With Jonathan's unbelievable wealth of knowledge and 10 years proven experience and my technical and marketing skills we teamed up to produce Food4Wealth. Now people like yourself can learn Jonathan's simple method to save you money, improve your health and do your small bit to help the environment.

Jonathan and I are just a couple of unknown guys with our own separate small businesses. We realized that to get Food4Wealth out to as many people as possible we needed help. We needed people to find our website and that takes time and money. Initially we wanted to give it away for free, but even doing that requires a huge amount of promoting and advertising. It would literally take years to have any kind of effect. We also found that if a person buys it (as opposed to getting it for free) they are more likely to follow through and do it, which is what we really want. We want as many people around the world growing their own food and discovering how easy and rewarding it is.

We hope that the idea of Ecological Gardening reaches out to people everywhere. People are already demanding organic food, but ecologically-grown food (like Food4wealth) goes one step further. Ecologically-grown food is not only organic, but is grown in a way that is self-sustainable. That is a really important distinction, because as Jonathan has explained to me, not all organic food is grown in a way that supports basic ecological systems. In fact, many organic growers are unknowingly causing ecological damage. Ecologically-grown food, on the other hand, is good for both you and the environment. We hope the world will shift back to these ancient ideas of Ecological Gardening which will be much better for all of us.

Food4Wealth is a product built from a lot of passion about some very key, very important ideas. Here's some text from Jonathan's introduction that really inspired me to look at food-growing very differently - and when I really thought about it, they are very ancient ideas that we seemed to have lost in our quest to control our environment rather than work with it:


Traditional vegetable growing techniques require an enormous amount of hard work and maintenance - weeding, feeding and strict planting schedules. There is also the problem of seasonality, allowing beds to rest during the cooler months, producing nothing at all. Then we are told to plant green mature crops, add inorganic fertilizers and chemicals to adjust imbalanced soils. It takes a lot of time, dedication and a year-round commitment to grow your own food the traditional way. But does it really need to be that difficult? Let me ask you this question. Does a forest need to think how to grow? Does its soil need to be turned every season? Does someone come along every so often and plant seeds or take pH tests? Does it get weeded or sprayed with toxic chemicals?

Of course not! And neither will your Food4Wealth plot.

I hope this inspires you to check out Food4Wealth in more detail and hopefully starting growing your own food ecologically. Click Here!

Michael Guilfoyle

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