Central Coast Stump Grinding and Removal Service

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 are dedicated to giving you the best Gosford based tree
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Stump Grinding Articles:

Underground Services on the Central Coast:

Some underground services that could be nearby are:-

    Water mains
    Gas mains
    Telecommunication cables
    Storm water drains and pipes
    Septic grids and drains

Whilst we take care and assess each situation no responsibility will be accepted for damage to underground services. Whilst services like Dial Before You Dig and council records are available they don't in all instances show exactly where those service are and at times show nothing at all. If you are totally unsure then you'll need to contract a pipe location organisation etc who can test to locate the services as well as the approximate depth.

Why have Stumps Removed in the Gosford & Wyong Shire

Turn those unsightly stubborn stumps into garden grindings.

 Nuisance tree stumps persist in many unwanted places, they:

• Quarantine areas of lawn or garden bed so these areas cannot be used

• Cause trip hazards, and can damage expensive mowers and machinery  when they come in contact with each other

• Can appear unattractive

• Provide lodging for termites

• Impede the construction of driveways, building footings, or landscaping of hard surfaces

• Have caused damages to building structures or services and need to be removed – lifting of concrete slabs, buildings footings or other hard landscaping, blocking of sewage and water pipes and damages to underground gas, telecommunication and electrical services

• Simply become obsolete and no longer fit in the current garden setting

Stump Grinding is the most efficient and cost effective solution to removing unwanted stumps from your property.

Difficult Access Stumps
in Gosford and the
 Central Coast

Many residential stumps reside in difficult to access locations which conventional stump grinders cannot access. Difficult access stumps are often found:

• Around pools and decking

• In raised garden beds and terraced areas

• Waterfront properties

• On sloping grounds with high gradient

• On properties with tight access with door and gate openings

• On properties with many stairs and only stump grinders which can be carried can access the site

• Stumps which are surrounded on all sides by immoveable structures like other trees, fences, walls etc.., convectional grinders simply cannot manoeuvre between the structures.

Central Coast Stump Grinding and Removal

Just Love Gardening now offers a stump removal service to our customers on the Central Coast, "STUMP GRINDING"

With the introduction of our new Central Coast stump grinding machine we can now provide the opportunity to finally get rid of those unwanted stumps that are taking up space on your property. You don't need to trip over or mow around those tomb stones anymore.

Before, during and after stump grinding at Pearl Beach

Tree stump grinding requires specialised equipment and the knowledge in how to use it properly.The tungsten steel cutting teeth shred the stump into mulch as the stumpgrinding machine easily performs its task. With our portable stump grinding machine we use on the Central Coast that is 780 mm wide we are able to gain access to areas that bigger machines cannot get to. If it is necesary it can be picked up and moved to gain access to stepped and terraced areas where those unwanted tree stumps are.

Before, during and after stump grinding at Somersby

Tree stumpgrinding prices are based on tree stump hardness, the width of the stump and how deep you want us to grind. Its important to determine the appropriate depth to be ground away based on what you have in mind after the removal of the stump; are you going to re-grass the area or are you putting in a driveway etc. Our stump removal service has a $100 minimum price for any works carried out.Tree stump grinding is the most affordable method of removing stumps.

When we are stump grinding your tree stumps we turn it into usable mulch. This is usually placed back into the hole that is left after grinding, if there is excess mulch we suggest you place it onto your existing garden beds as its great organic material that is suitable to hold moisture in and around your garden plants.

If you want a tree stump to be removed or you want to re plant in an area where a tree was once situated, Just Love Gardening is just a phone call away. We are here to help you with grinding when a stump obstructs the building of a new structure. We are ready to undertake stump grinding for any size of tree stumps since no job is too big or too small for us.

When you decide on our Central Coast stump grinding service our stump grinder can get into very tight areas that other bigger and heavier stump grinding equipment just can’t access. Our stump grinder can quickly turn that stump into a pile of small wood chips. When considering our tree stump removal service the stumpgrinder we use is designed to get in and out of your yard without tearing the grass up.

Whether its an old rotting stump or a freshly cut tree on the Central Coast, the tree stump removal  process is all the same. To get rid of that stump using our stump grinding service is the way to manage this task. The time frame to grind these stumps will vary. If you consider stump grinding a cocos palm stump or any of the "palm family" which is made up of long fibrous roots compared to a fig tree stump for example, which have many deep and extruding surface roots, the grinding time will vary considerably, and as such so will the price. Many a stump have been left in the ground on the Central Coast only to become the next termite home. So don't delay and wait for this event to occur get those tree stumps removed today.

Most tree stumps on the Central Coast can be difficult to remove from the ground. They can be dug out manually or mechanically, shredded using stump grinding machines or burnt out. A stump grinder or stump cutter is a power tool or equipment attachment that removes tree stumps by means of a rotating cutting disk that chips away the wood. Stump grinders vary in size, they can be the size of a lawn mower or as large as a truck. Most accomplish their task by means of a high-speed disk with teeth that grind the stump and roots into small chips.

A typical stump grinder incorporates a cutter wheel with fixed carbide teeth. The cutter wheel movements are controlled by hydraulic cylinders to push the cutter wheel teeth laterally through the stump and to raise and lower the cutter wheel or in the case of portable stump grinding machine by holding the brake on and moving the machine manually so the cutting disk crosses the stump and grinds the face of the stump away. We can grind those unwanted stumps down to below ground level.The part of a tree or plant remaining in the earth after the stem or trunk is cut off.

Gosford tree stump grinding

When you want a tree stump to be removed or you want to re plant in an area where a tree was once situated, Just Love Gardening is just a phone call away. We are here to help you with grinding when a stump obstructs the building of a new structure. We are ready to undertake stump grinding for any size of tree stumps since no job is too big or too small for us.
Our Central Coast tree stump removal services begins after the tree is down and comes to an end with precise and clean removal of stump. We offer a straight forward stump and root removal service. The team at Just Love Gardening grinds the stump out of the ground using our grinding machine until the stump and root particles are completely destroyed.


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contact Alan Saul on 0438 201 549 
or you can contact us via e-mail on info@justlovegardening.net

Before and after photos of 3 stumps along front fenceline at KariongBefore Stump Grinding at Kariong, Gosford, Central CoastAfter Stump Grinding at Kariong, Gosford, Central Coast

Before and after photos of difficult access stump removal on a retained garden bed
Before Stump Grinding Kariong Gosford Central CoastAfter Stump Grinding Kariong Gosford Central Coast

Just Love Gardening's Central Coast  stumpgrinding service, based in Kariong, and covering the following areas: 

Suburbs of the City of Gosford

Avoca Beach · Bar Point · Bensville · Blackwall · Booker Bay · Bouddi · Box Head · Calga · Central Mangrove · Cheero Point · Cogra Bay · Copacabana · Daleys Point · Davistown · East Gosford · Empire Bay · Erina · Erina Heights · Ettalong Beach · Forresters Beach · Glenworth Valley · Gosford · Green Point · Greengrove · Gunderman · Hardys Bay · Holgate · Horsfield Bay · Kariong · Killcare · Killcare Heights · Kincumber · Kincumber South · Koolewong · Kulnura · Lisarow · Little Wobby · Lower Mangrove · MacMasters Beach · Mangrove Creek · Mangrove Mountain · Marlow · Matcham · Mooney Mooney · Mooney Mooney Creek · Mount Elliot · Mount White · Narara · Niagara Park · North Avoca · North Gosford · Patonga · Pearl Beach · Peats Ridge · Phegans Bay · Picketts Valley · Point Clare · Point Frederick · Pretty Beach · St Huberts Island · Saratoga · Somersby · Spencer · Springfield · Tascott · Terrigal · Umina Beach · Upper Mangrove · Wagstaffe · Wamberal · Wendoree Park · West Gosford · Wondabyne · Woy Woy · Woy Woy Bay · Wyoming · Yattalunga

Suburbs of Wyong Shire

Alison · Bateau Bay · Berkeley Vale · Blue Bay · Blue Haven · Budgewoi · Budgewoi Peninsula · Buff Point · Bushells Ridge · Canton Beach · Cedar Brush Creek · Chain Valley Bay · Charmhaven · Chittaway Bay · Chittaway Point · Colongra · Crangan Bay · Dooralong · Doyalson · Doyalson North · Durren Durren · Fountaindale · Glenning Valley · Gorokan · Gwandalan · Halekulani · Halloran · Hamlyn Terrace · Jilliby · Kangy Angy · Kanwal · Kiar · Killarney Vale · Kingfisher Shores · Kulnura · Lake Haven · Lake Munmorah · Lemon Tree · Little Jilliby · Long Jetty · Magenta · Mannering Park · Mardi · Moonee · Norah Head · Noraville · Ourimbah · Palm Grove · Palmdale · Ravensdale · Rocky Point · San Remo · Shelly Beach · Summerland Point · Tacoma · Tacoma South · The Entrance · The Entrance North · Toowoon Bay · Toukley · Tuggerah · Tuggerawong · Tumbi Umbi · Wadalba · Wallarah · Warnervale · Watanobbi · Woongarrah · Wyong · Wyong Creek · Wyongah · Yarramalong

Thank you for considering our stump grinding services
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Central Coast
tree stump removal

Central Coast tree stump removal

Gosford tree stumpgrinding

Gosford tree stumpgrinding

A freshly cut tree stump,
a few hours after cutting


Tree stumps don't just go away, this one is 37 years after cutting


This tree stump left in a garden turned into a new home to thousands of termites


Grass growing over cocos palm stump after our stump grinding in Kariong, Gosford.

Grass now growing over cocos palm after stump grinding

Before stump grinding coral tree Central Coast

stump grinding coral tree Central Coast

During stump grinding coral tree Central Coast

stump grinding coral tree Central Coast

After stump grinding coral tree on the Central Coast

stump grinding coral tree Central Coast

Our stump grinding trailer we use on the Central Coast

stump grinding trailer Central Coast

Before stump grinding coral tree at  Wamberal

stump grinding coral tree at Wamberal

During stump grinding coral tree at  Wamberal

During stump grinding coral tree at Wamberal

Cutting teeth on stump grinder

Tree stump grinding