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Caring for your lawn:


For warm season lawns, (Buffalo, Kikuyu, Couch etc.) it's advisable to set the mower so all you are cutting are any weeds that are growing. Try not to cut into your grass and thatch just yet by setting mower height to lightly remove grass leaf-tips, if anything. Heavy mowing or scalping too early in the growing season can leave you with a brown lawn for a few weeks.

For cool season grasses spring is the time to start to raise your mower height in increasing increments up from about 2.5cm (1"). This will let the light and warmth further into the root zone and then allow for increased leaf as days get longer, helping to reduce moisture loss.

Spring is also a great time to get your mower tuned and blades sharpened or replaced before the rigorous demands of summer again set in.


Many lawn problems are caused by soil compaction, as people and vehicles repeatedly move over the lawn. Wet soils are especially prone to compaction.

If your lawn is not healthy and is full of weeds, the whole lawn may need treating for soil compaction. Test for compaction by thrusting a garden fork into the ground. If the fork won't go in at least half way down the tines, the lawn is compacted. To relieve compaction for small lawns a simple garden fork can be used to aerate the soil. Work the fork backwards and forwards at approx. 10 cm intervals to open up the soil. On larger lawns it may be worthwhile using a coring or aerating machine (available for hire), that will help do the job quickly and thoroughly.


Most types of grasses grow slowly in winter, giving weeds the opportunity to grow strongly. If you only have a few weeds, dig them out with a hand weeder or for more severe weed problems, try a weed wand with glyphosate or, if the grass is growing actively, use a lawn weed-and-feed spray that won't harm your lawn grass.Use a selective weed application to target different species of weeds This can be applied using a watering can or a spraying unit on sunny days with nowind. examples of these weeds include bindii, dandelion, clover, cudweed, creeping oxalis, nut grass, onion weed, winter grass. As weed seeds will lay dormant in your soil waiting patiently to erupt, it will be necessary for a few application to be made over the season.


Light, slow-release type fertilising to recommended rates is advisable at the start of spring to assist in helping colour and help your lawn reach its peak. Spread fertiliser evenly (for best results use a fertiliser spreader) and follow up with a good, deep watering.Its also applicable to add your fertilisers just before some good rain.

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